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The Tinsel Tree by Jan Chattler (First Draft Series)

  • 19 Feb 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Chicago Dramatists, Theatre

The Tinsel Tree by Jan Chattler

Moderator: TBD, Resident Playwright

It’s 1967. Christmas eve. There’s a huge tinsel tree with pink lights  inside a colonial mansion. PHOEBE CASTLE, 15, has just moved to an affluent suburb of Boston.  She wants to go to a party instead of decorating the tree.  Her mother,  who has just killed her pet turtle, agrees to let her go. PHOEBE gets her first real kiss.  When her new beau, TUFFY RYAN,  walks her home, they are caught up in a fight with a small Jewish boy.  It’s ten against one. PHOEBE watches in silence. After she learns her true identity,  she comes to terms with when, if ever, is it okay to lie about who you are. 

About the First Draft Series

The First Draft Series is an exclusive series of Tuesday-night play readings for and by First Draft Member playwrights. These are private, salon-style readings in which playwrights perform the roles and then discuss the plays in a format similar to that used in the Saturday Series. The discussions are moderated by a Resident Playwright or member of the artistic staff.

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