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Afternoon With My Mother (First Draft Series)

  • 27 Mar 2018
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Chicago Dramatists, Theatre

Afternoon With My Mother by Fouad Teymour

Moderator: Resident Playwright, Mary Ruth Clarke

Amy has lived her entire life as a supposed orphan. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday she is faced with a jolting revelation; her mother is alive but has been in coma since before Amy’s birth. With the help of her adoptive family, especially her sister and best friend Elham.

Amy prepares to spend a whole afternoon with her mother.  Amy’s afternoon visit and "conversation" with her mother transport us into a world where we explore the role of fate in the life of humans, the conflict of emotions that we experience when faced with duress, and the complexity of human behavior in adaptation to adversity.

About the First Draft Series

The First Draft Series is an exclusive series of Tuesday-night play readings for and by First Draft Member playwrights. These are private, salon-style readings in which playwrights perform the roles and then discuss the plays in a format similar to that used in the Saturday Series. The discussions are moderated by a Resident Playwright or member of the artistic staff.

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