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Man of the People (First Draft Series)

  • 25 Jul 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Chicago Dramatists, Theatre

Man of the People

By Network Playwright, Dolores Diaz
Post-Reading Discussion Moderator: Adam Webster

Man of the People tells the story of Dr. John Brinkley, a huckster of the medical profession and radio pioneer who fakes his way to fame, notoriety, and politics until he is brought down by his own ambition. Made famous by his sham cure for male impotence, Dr. Brinkley catapults himself to stardom through his command of American radio and his understanding of human weakness. But Dr. Fishbein, of the newly founded American Medical Association, is determined to expose the lies and put an end to Brinkley’s antics. Despite Fishbein's best efforts, Brinkley escapes justice at every turn until the truth catches up to him.

About the First Draft Series

The First Draft Series is an exclusive series of Tuesday-night play readings for and by Network playwrights. These are private, salon-style readings in which playwrights perform the roles and then discuss the plays in a format similar to that used in the Saturday Series. The discussions are moderated by a Resident Playwright or member of the artistic staff.

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