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Revenge for Revenge (First Draft Series)

  • 07 Mar 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Chicago Dramatists, Theatre

Revenge for Revenge 

by Network Playwright, James Bruce Smith

Post-Reading Discussion Moderator: Artistic Director, Meghan Beals

"Revenge for Revenge" is the sequel to "The Hit Man and the MILF" (since renamed "Josi's Escape"). In the first play, Charlie's sister-in-law, Teressa, is kidnapped by a gang of sex traffickers. Charlie and Marsha (the widow of Charlie's brother) track down the last of the gang, kill them, and rescue Teressa. Now the father of one of the dead pimps wants revenge and blackmails his remaining son to kill part of Charlie's family. The son recruits a gang, stalks the family, and attempts to kill them. Charlie's wife, Bunny, fights ferociously to save her children but is killed. Two gang members die. Teressa and Marsha seek revenge for revenge by going after the remaining gang member and the father. This play is the fourth installment of Jim Smith's comedy series about the Godfather in Chicago.

About the First Draft Series

The First Draft Series is an exclusive series of Tuesday-night play readings for and by Network playwrights. These are private, salon-style readings in which playwrights perform the roles and then discuss the plays in a format similar to that used in the Saturday Series. The discussions are moderated by a Resident Playwright or member of the artistic staff.

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