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Toni Stone by Lydia R. Diamond  
(September 17, 2018)

From Left to Right (top row: Lydia R. Diamond, playwright; Mignon McPherson Stewart, director; Brittney Love Smith; Al'Jaleel McGhee; middle row: Tristien Marcellous Winfree; Cage Sebastian Pierre; Anthony Conway; Rasheed Hall;  bottom row: Vincent Banks; Max Thomas; Lionel Gentle; Xavier Roe)

Throwaway Kids by Isaac Gomez
(October 1, 2018)

From Left to Right (top row: Isaac Gomez, playwright; Mikael Burke, director; Tiff Abreu; Laura Fabien-Rojas; Cory Hardin; bottom row: Bair Warburton-Brown; Greg Fields; Grainne Ortlieb;  Todd Wojcik; Maria Wesler)

Tar and Feather by Kristin Idaszak
(October 15, 2018)

From Left to Right (top row: Kristin Idaszak, playwright; Jo Cattell, director; Charlotte Mae Ellison; Alys Dickerson; Mary Tilden; bottom row: Don Bender; Brandon Rivera; Adithi Chandrashekar; Joe Lino; Kelsey McGrath)

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