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Since 1979, Chicago Dramatists has been dedicated to a single mission—the development and advancement of playwrights and new plays that contribute to the American theatre repertory and enrich the lives of audiences across the country. Simply put, Chicago Dramatists is a safe and creative place where playwrights, theatre artists, audiences, producers, and donors can join forces to build the theatre of the future.

Click to watch... Chicago Dramatists - The Playwrights' Theatre Through workshops, readings, classes, and special programs, we provide opportunities for beginning and established dramatists to develop their work, expand their professional affiliations, showcase their plays to the theatre marketplace, and collaborate with actors, directors, and audiences during the creative process. And by the same token, we offer theatres and audiences a convenient central resource to discover the plays and playwrights that will shape the theatre of the twenty-first century.

A STEADY RAIN by Keith Huff, Broadway Premiere

The heart and soul of development efforts lie in our Resident Playwright program, a selective program offered at no cost to playwrights who demonstrate talent and dedication to the craft of playwriting. But we also believe that to discover untapped talent and nurture playwriting as a discipline, we need to embrace playwrights wherever they are on their writing path—which is why we're proud to offer our Network Playwright program to playwrights at all levels of ability and to present one of our workshops (the 10-Minute Workshop) to the general public.

Every year, plays developed at Chicago Dramatists plays earn hundreds of professional accomplishments, including productions, awards, commissions, readings, and other honors at large and small theatres in Chicago and around the world. We count among our distinguished alumni Tina Fey (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live), Rick Cleveland (writer and producer of The West Wing, Six Feet Under, Mad Men), and Rebecca Gilman (Pulizter nominee and Dramatists Guild Council member), to mention only a few. And our current Resident playwrights include Keith Huff (A Steady Rain), Roger Rueff (The Big Kahuna), Lydia R. Diamond (The Bluest Eye, Stick Fly), and Mary Ruth Clarke (Meet the Parents).

Despite the accolades and successful writers who've passed through our doors and programs over the years, our mission has never changed—to offer creative assistance to new and established writers for the stage and thereby ensure the health and the future of American theatre.

We think it's a worthy cause. If you agree, great.

Come on in.

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